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In 2017, The Timber Garden Blog will be linked to the new West Central Mountains Food Coalition website.  We will be featuring contributions from Melissa Hamilton, our Valley County Extension Educator, as well as several Valley County Master Gardeners.  I’m incredibly excited to expand the blog to cover more local food promotion.  Growing your own food, or supporting those in your community who do, has so many benefits.

We are lucky to have great small farms in our high mountain community!  For example, did you know that you can purchase meat from local yaks, buffalos, and European fallow deer all within Valley County?  That is a lot of quality lean meat to add to your diet!  It can be a challenge for consumers to locate local producers.  Most of the time a website is not the first priority when there is all that weeding to do.  The West Central Mountains Food Coalition hopes to promote and support local producers and link them to consumers, restaurants, and retailers.

Get involved!  Contact the WCM to become a partner and show your support.  Get on the newsletter list for updates.  Help us make the WCM Food Coalition the hub for local food, from production to processing to composting!

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