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I know a lot of you have been keeping up with the peapod wine on Instagram!  Some of you have even been over for a taste, and it may have been a good or bad day for this VERY volatile wine.  Read on for the tasting notes from carboy to bottle!  If you haven’t read the first post with the recipe, see it here.

Day 9: Tested acidity: 0.5%, reracked into new 1 gallon carboy, topped of with juice from the ‘reserve juice’ jar in the fridge.  The newly sanitized gallon carboy had a fruitfly that didn’t get rinsed out…however, it was a thoroughly sanitized fruit fly.

Day 19: Determined to keep the pale green color, we have been covering the peapod wine with a shawl at all times.

Peapod wine Day 19, next to raspberry wine

Day 29: Despite our best efforts, the peapod wine has taken on a yellow tinge.  Now it smells like peas and LOOKS like pee.  Getting some interesting ideas for a label at this point.

Peapod wine Day 29, next to raspberry wine.

Racking on Day 87

Day 65: Blended 1 egg white gently with 2 Tbsp white grape juice concentrate.  Poured into bottom of sanitized (k-meta) 1 gallon carboy.  Tasted grassy, not pleasant.  Bouquet of mosquito repellant.  Added 1/2 cup white grape concentrate to top up.

Day 87: Racked into a new carboy, added 4 oz of peapod ‘reserve juice’.  Removed fruit fly.  Still smells like peapod wine.

Day 105: The peapod wine was unexpectedly delicious!  I thought my friend Kara was joking when she said it was good!  It still SMELLS like peapod wine, but it is developing an incredible, crisp, complex flavor.  Very excited that it might not be terrible, will bottle soon.  The wine cleared nicely from the egg white.  There is a little sediment but I probably won’t rack.

Day 119: Bottled peapod wine into 4 750 ml and 2 375 ml bottles…appropriately topped with a pea green cap.

The finished pea product

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