About the Timber Garden

We have been gardening in McCall since 2013. We purchased a house and 3 acres outside of town in October of 2014. We couldn't wait to put in a permanent garden and fruit trees! We had both grown up gardening with our families. We'd tried to grow something wherever we lived...window herbs in Dallas, a container garden in Honolulu, an incredibly successful sprawling tomato jungle in southern Idaho.
McCall is different. Pessimists will tell you the growing season is only 60 frost free days. Optimists swear it is at least 90 days. As if the zone 3 weather wasn't enough, an army of deer lurk in the shadows, waiting for the perfect time to attack your plants. And it's not just bites taken out of your favorite veggies...no, they have to wrestle them to the ground, shaking all the fruit off with their tiny deer hooves. After the Container Garden Incident of 2014, we vowed to keep those sneaky Cervidaes out permanently...with a 7 and a half foot fence.
The first spring at our new house we built a 30' by 60' deer-proof enclosure and a greenhouse (which makes our garden area bigger than our house). We put in 9 fruit trees and started loads of berries and rhubarb. We didn't think the garden would do much the first year, but we ended up preserving a lot of food!
In 2016 we added sweet cherry trees, Asian pear trees and a cold-hardy 3-in-1 mystery apple tree. We also planted kiwis, blueberries, blackberries, and an asparagus bed.
In 2017 we'll have the full contingent of bees, chickens, and worms helping us garden. We'll be offering a mini-CSA during the summer, check it out here. What more can a gardener dream of? There are a few nut trees that could survive here. Maybe a pair pawpaw trees, and I think the chickens need their own greenhouse...

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