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Okay, harvest is definitely not an accurate description.  But our expectations were zero, so we were delighted with a handful of dark blue berries.

There’s a honeyberry in there, I swear.

2015 was rough for honeyberries, but they started to do well in the spring of 2016. Read the backstory here.

They bloomed by May 11th, and the blossoms survived several frosty nights.  By June 4th they had set small green fruits, and by June 11th they had ripened enough for me to take disappointingly blurry photos on my iPhone.

June 8th: 3 out of 5 honeyberries, 1 cat, 1 undercover metal flamingo

In late June we were picking ripe berries, so they were ripe at about the same time as the strawberries and the rhubarb.

Honeyberries fruit on 1 year old wood, so we may get an actual crop in their third year.  I don’t think too many will make it in to the house.  I’ve read they are easy to propagate from cuttings or using layering, so I’ll be trying that in the spring and planting a few rogue bushes around the Timber Garden!

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